Consider your employees as the backbone of your company. They work hard to provide exceptional customer service. They dedicate their time and full-attention towards the entire company operation. Big or small, regardless of their role, they greatly contribute to the company’s success, and it’s just right that every company owner rewards their staff as a token of appreciation.

While there are tons of possible gift swags that a company can give their staff, one should always bear this in mind: employees appreciate everything they’re given, but it would be nicer if they’re given something that they can use, if not daily, at least regularly.

Among all the different corporate gift ideas, promotional gifts make a great token of appreciation. Generic gifts simply show that the company do not know them personally, or that the owner doesn’t care about them. As much as possible, you have to make your staff feel loved and appreciated, in exchange for all the hard work and dedication they have provided to the company.

Listed below are reasons why promotional clothing & workwear make great presents to employees:

Shows They’re Appreciated: As mentioned earlier, standard generic gifts are fine, but for those who want to show their workforce that their work is valued, customised clothing makes a huge difference. In exchange for their years of service and dedication, this is the least that you, as a business owner can do, to thank them.

Send Out A Message: Since these are promotional clothing garments, a business owner can sneak in a short and meaningful message. These words may be short, but they can make a huge impact towards what employees feel about themselves, about the company they’re dedicating their life to, and the efforts they’ve done for it.

Different Options: Custom clothing isn’t just limited to t-shirts. One can choose from a wide choice of hoodies, polos, shirts, jackets, hi-vis vests, hats, etc. One can give a type of workwear depending on their position, what they do in the company, along with a customized text that can make up their day.

Gifts They Can Use: Why give a token to someone if they won’t be able to use it? The beauty of promotional workwear is that staff can use it either at work or whenever they’re not working. It’s a gift that they can use regularly – and it probably won’t end up being recycled as a gift or in the trash since these are customized especially for them.

Branding: When giving out gifts, companies can also include a small branding on these promotional pieces of clothing & uniforms. It doesn’t have to include a large logo of the company. Since these employees are most likely to use them outside of work, it’s also another way for businesses to get their brand out discretely.

Easy To Obtain: Gone are the days where one has to personally go to the store to shop for gift items. Today, even promo clothing in bulk can be done online.

Giving out corporate gifts to your employees has lots of advantages, and they’re not as hard as you think. Giving these out as gifts is a way of rewarding your staff, and potentially can reward your business ten-fold.

Technology has a huge impact in our lives and if you look back at how things were fifteen years ago, you will truly appreciate how life has changed. Traditional systems such as banking and insurance that seemed settled by operating in accordance to the legacy principles have been forced to adjust. Cars are being made green as new technologies are helping the producers to create impressive automobiles. Motor insurance has been stable for many years but technology has affected it in no small way, especially with insurance. Read on and find out the impact of technology on the motor insurance niche.

Recently, firms have been forced to alter the way they sell insurance cover owing to how customers prefer to buy these policies. People no longer want to go through the lengthy and hectic paperwork when buying cover. They need a faster and more convenient way of doing it through the smart devices. Motor insurance firms need to invest in big data and top notch user experience to customise policies that suit a specific niche of people. This way, you are no longer forced to stick to the traditional polices as you can state out your needs and let the firm craft an insurance policy suited for you. These firms are always looking for useful customer feedback that helps them to improve their services and increase their opportunities.

Cars are being used for different needs since apps such as Lyft and Uber have changed the way people are using them. Someone can enjoy the comfort of a car by just sharing one or calling for an Uber. These new ways of doing things powered by technology have created a shift in the insurance needs of people using or sharing these cars. For instance, the regular comprehensive policy cannot be enough to cover the needs of someone who lets people share their car when they are not using it. An Uber driver will have different needs compared to someone who uses their car for personal needs.

Such shifts have led to many scenarios that might not have been accounted for by companies. For instance, it is hard to understand who will be compensated when someone gets an accident with a car they rented out for a few hours and thus the actual driver who bought the policy was not driving it.

On the positive side, technology has improved car safety with features such as blind spot detectors, sensors and cameras that reduce the probability of accidents occurring. This way, companies are comfortable reducing the policy prices since the chances of accidents are very slim.

Lastly, agencies are getting smarter and use big data systems to gather more intelligence regarding aspects surrounding car cover. Insurance job descriptions are also changing as new recruits are expected to conduct extensive analysis and provide useful insights that will help the agencies to make better decisions in regards to the services offered to customers. Things such as claims adjusting and risk analysis are being conducted more intelligently, which promises to bring a whole lot of great things for the motor insurance industry.

Funky Gifts

When it comes to giving the presents and gifts, it takes a lot of thoughts to give it a presentable as well as personalised gesture. Gifts gives you an amazing chance to make your loved ones feel special and touched. The funky gifts are something you can always gift to your friends and family.

Below are mentioned few funky gift ideas:

Funky bottle opener: Men loves wine and what would be more special for them other than the wine itself, a bottle opener. It looks cooler than it sounds. It is a very quirky gift indeed. The styles and patterns on the opener can be very aesthetic and unique and can also be crafted to represent the man’s personality. This is a very stylish product to gift someone as a present.

Guitar shaped keys: You might have seen a key ring in shape of a guitar, but a key itself in the shape of guitar is something very cool, funky and thoughtful all together. This is the perfect present for someone who loves music and especially loves playing a guitar. You can personalise the pattern on the guitar according to your likings to give it more special touch. I am sure, anyone who would be on the receiving side would feel very happy.

Eco Lamp: You can gift a corner lamp which is made up of paper with prints of Tamil stars. A person who loves nature and is very possessive about protecting it, this eco lamp is a perfect give away for him.

Umbrella Wall Décor: Among all the idea we are discussing here, this one is the coolest and funkiest. It is an umbrella which is used as a hook on the walls to hang small things like keys and scissors. It is a useful gift as well as a beautiful one to decorate one’s house. It would be sweetest gesture for someone who likes DIY and feels important with such presents. It can make a place so colourful even if it is a wall over a study table.

Funky Kettle Set: A kettle set with funky and colourful painting and cool quotes written all over is a dream to get one. Being the one to gift it to someone special is like doing the utmost gesture he or she is expecting out of you. It looks so cool while pouring tea out of it. The designs can be very attractive giving a vintage and traditional look. This is a very useful household gift and a very thoughtful one too.

Indian Cushion: A cushion with a cover full of iconic Indian sayings and painting is a perfect give away for her. You can either gift a pair or a single cushion too.