If the idea of a clutter-free closet is an impossible feat for you, at the least create an organised closet space to ensure accessibility and convenience for you.

The good news is that there are ways to optimise your space and create an order for your once topsy-turvy closet.

This guide will enumerate tips that can help sort out your wardrobe.

Keep, mend, and let go

The first step to wardrobe organisation is deciding which items you can keep, mend, and let go of. It’s pretty easy to sort out your closet if you become less attached to your things. Throw away or donate clothes that no longer serve a purpose. Outdated clothing pieces are the first ones that you must let go of. If you have items beyond repair, it is best to throw them in the bin.

Keep a few essential outfits that you can still mend. By rule, when a clothing piece, shoe, or bag is no longer functional, you can proceed with taking them off your fitted wardrobe. Additionally, de-cluttering allows you to make way for new items in the future.

Fold your clothes neatly 

Organising translates to efficient use of available space. Improperly folded clothes take up too much space, making your closet appear full and cluttered. The simple activity of folding your clothes efficiently can make a massive difference in your closet space and extend your clothes’ life.

Invest in closet organisers

Small clothing pieces and accessories like socks can get easily lost in your wardrobe. Place them in bins or dividers to easily find them in your closet. These small but valuable organisers will allow you to designate a space for each type of clothing piece you have, resulting in a more organised look. Organising your clothes into groups will also save you time while dressing up.

Use multilayer hangers

Delicate clothing pieces must always be hung properly to not lose their form and function. It is inevitable to run out of closet space if you have dresses or formal wear that need to be hung rather than folded. To maximise your limited wardrobe space, invest in multilayer hangers. You may also improvise using soda keyrings as hooks to add multiple layers to your hangers. Having multi-layered hangers will also help make your clothes more visible every time you open your closet.

Make your closet doors useful 

Closet doors allow you to use residual storage space for items such as bags, scarves, and other small clothing pieces. To optimise its utility, install hanging door organisers where you can neatly organise and store trinkets and accessories.


There are many ways that you can maximise wardrobe space. But the best organisation tip is to stick to them over the long term. Make it a habit to clean and tidy up your space at least once a month. It is also recommended to update your wardrobe every six months, so you can make way for newer items that deserve space in your closet.


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