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For the woman who deserves the very best in life! The "Queen of F***ing Everything" mug holds 350ml of tea or coffee, more than enough for a cuppa fit for royalty.

You may know the type - high maintenance, bossy, the Queen bee, someone who treats everyone like hired help. A certain expectation of obedience. Whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, sister or colleague, next time you make them a cuppa, enhance its regal status with this cheeky ceramic mug.

Some are born to royalty. Some have royalty thrust upon them. And some simply assume the attitude of a princess and hope everyone else plays along. Well now their game is up - they've been rumbled! Our Queen of Everything mug doesn't pull any punches - it tells it like it is. And what it says is this: "Get off your high horse, your highness, and rejoin the rest of humanity back down here on planet earth. Pronto."

Of course sometimes we all deserve a bit of right royal pampering, so if you're planning on treating the special wonder woman in your life to a day spent lounging around, eating chocolates and being generally fussed over, this would make an ideal extra treat - a mug that says: "You just lie back and take it easy and we'll run around like palace slaves, providing for your every wish and desire - there's no need to raise a finger."

The “Queen of F***ing Everything” mug comes packaged in a gift box.

Size: H 90mm x D 80mm

Queen Boxed Mug

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Key Features

  • Queen of F***ing Everything mug
  • Matching gift box for easy wrapping
  • Ideal for high maintenance ladies
  • Cheeky gift for a boss, wife or friend
  • High quality ceramic printed mug

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