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You know those "lightbulb moments" when a great idea suddenly pops into your head? That's what happened when this fab little laptop light was invented! It's an LED light, shaped like a traditional incandescent lightbulb, and it's ideal for illuminating your laptop keyboard.

Bright Idea is a USB laptop light without a switch, a lampshade, legs, or fuss – just a bulb on an articulating gooseneck arm, which lights up when connected to your laptop. The elegant design is both simple and charming.

Sometimes there's less natural light available that you'd ideally like. Other times you might prefer to work in a more intimate and creative low-light atmosphere. The Bright Idea "lightbulb" provides just the right amount of light to avoid squinting or eye-strain, but not so much as to create glare. It illuminates your keyboard with just the kind of functional light you crave during those late-night projects.

Bright Idea has another trick up its sleeve - it also glows in the dark! It has a luminous coating that stores light energy during daylight or when lit, and then emits a soft glow when it's dark an the light is turned off.

Bright Idea can be powered from any standard USB computer port. It also works a charm with powered USB hubs. It emits a soft cool blue light, and the poseable arm will hold it just where you need it. Bright Idea works with Windows or Mac, desktop PCs and laptops (or any other device with a standard powered USB port) and is simply plug and play for instant, convenient extra light when and where you need it.

Bulb size: 65 x 410 x 65mm

Arm length: 24cm

Bright Idea Laptop Light

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Key Features

  • Unique and innovative USB laptop light
  • Bulb-shaped light on a bendable arm
  • Powered from any available USB port
  • Glows in the dark when not in use
  • Simple, charming and effective design

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