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Not only was Corkcicle the first ever in-bottle wine cooler, it is now the first and only wine gadget that can chill, aerate and pour!

Like the original Corkcicle, the Corkcicle Air is designed to keep your wine chilled from inside the bottle. But the Corkcicle Air has the exciting new addition of a pour through spout. And as if that wasn’t enough, the Corkcicle Air has a built-in aerator that will instantly improve the flavours and aroma of your wine!

No longer do you have to remove the Corkcicle from your bottle when pouring. The aerator works by drawing air into the second hole in the top of the Corkcicle and the velocity of the wine being poured brings the air down into the Corkcicle, mixing with the wine before leaving the spout.

The aerater will reveal hidden aromas and characteristics that might otherwise have been lost.

Ideal for keeping white wines chilled at the perfect temperature or bringing red wine down a few degrees to cellar temperature.

Corkcicle Wine Cooler - Air

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Key Features

  • Innovative combination wine cooler and aerator
  • Keeps wine at the perfect temperature
  • Award winning patented design
  • Convenient pour-through spout
  • Supplied attractively gift boxed

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