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This cheeky little chappy has got his eye on all the birds! He's a naughty gnome and a useful bird feeder in one. Most garden gnomes are purely decorative, but this fella has a purpose in life - to feed the birds from his voluminous blue pants!

Fill his underwear with nuts, seeds and other tasty goodies, and watch as all the garden birds descend to feed from his outstretched drawers. If you place him on the ground, you're also likely to find a squirrel head down his y-fronts from time to time.

However if you don't like squirrels (and let's face it, squirrels are evil) he comes with a slot on his back so he can easily be hung on a wall or tree using a nail or screw.

Originally from Germany, garden gnomes have been popular in the UK since the middle of the eighteenth century, however many "serious" gardeners frown on them - they've actually been banned from the Chelsea Flower Show for over 100 years.

But we'll have no garden snobbery here! Our gnome bird feeder may not be in the best possible taste, but he's fun, funky and just a little bit cheeky. And we think that's just perfect.

Box Size: 164 x 295 x 160mm

Bird Feeder - Nibble My Bits

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Key Features

  • Garden Gnome Bird Feeder
  • Birds love to nibble his nuts (and seeds)
  • Can stand on the ground or be hung from a wall or tree
  • Supplied in a matching gift box
  • Bird food not included

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