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Smite is the addictive wooden garden game combining the skill and dexterity of boules and the cunning and guile of croquet.

The objective of the game is to score exactly 50 points by knocking down the pins using the smiter.

Set the pins in a triangular formation. Stand 4 metres back from the front pin. Take it in turns to throw the smiter at the pins (underarm only).

If you knock down one pin, you score the number on that pin. Knock down two or more pins, and your score is equal to the number of pins that fall.

After each player's turn, the pins are stood back up where they fell, not back in the triangular formation.

To win you must score exactly 50 points. If a player exceeds this target, their score returns to 25 points.

Fail to hit the pins three times in a row and you're smitten!

Can you Smite the opposition?

Garden Game - Smite

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Key Features

  • Perfect for the garden, park or beach
  • Can be played singly or in pairs
  • Includes travel bag and marker
  • How good is your aim?
  • The perfect game - 5 throws!

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