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You rule! But only for one day, and only while you wear this deluxe, regal, inflatable crown.

OK, so it's your birthday. It's the one day of the year when you get to lord it over everyone else. Breakfast in bed? Certainly your highness. Shoulder massage? As you wish, my leige. Foot rub? Don't push it. No one's going anywhere near your smelly feet. There are limits.

Our King for the Day Crown is a fun way to show who's special day it is. Either at home with the family or out on the town with some mates, let there be no mistaking who is the centre of attention.

It's perfect for birthday parties, but why stop there? Wear it at the office, and should any mere minion question your royal authority, simply point to the crown. They'll soon get the idea, particularly once you've called for some guards to have them put in shackles and thrown in the dungeon.

Our inflatable crowns are available for both Kings and Queens!

Highly Commended - Gift of the Year 2015

Box Size: 185 x 170 x 20mm

Inflatable Crown - King For The Day

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Key Features

  • Inflatable King's gold crown
  • Be a King for the Day - ideal for birthdays
  • Lord it over your minions and dispense royal commands
  • Fits most adult heads
  • Boxed size: 185 x 170 x 20mm

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