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Enjoy breakfast fit for a superhero with the Batman Egg Cup & Toast Cutter Set. The set includes a plastic egg cup, egg topper, spoon and Batman symbol toast cutter.

We're sure that Alfred, Bruce Wayne's ever-reliable butler, would never have let Master Bruce leave the Bat Cave on a mission of life and death without first having eaten a hearty breakfast, and what could be better for a superhero than going to work on an egg?

So, if you like to take your breakfast seriously, stick your egg in a mask and cape and have some Batman shaped toast on the side.


Batman Egg Cup Set

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Key Features

  • Batman Egg & Toast Cutter Set
  • Includes Egg Cup, Mask Egg Topper & Spoon
  • Batman Symbol Toast Cutter
  • Matching Gift Box
  • Ideal Breakfast for a Superhero

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