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It's time for the birds to get their own back! For far too long, cats have had it all their own way - creeping around, stalking their little feathered prey, frightening the life out of their avian quarry - but now the tables have turned and the birds can get their revenge!

Claude is a cat in a pickle. He's misjudged his last leap and now he's stranded, clinging on by his paws or hanging from his tail, and he's well and truly stuck. And to rub salt in the wound, now he's being mugged by a crowd of peckish garden birds!

Claude is the puuurrrfect bird feeder, capable of hanging from either his tail or front paws on an array of garden features such as tree branches, guttering, washing lines and hanging baskets.

With a twist and lock design, the top or bottom half of the feeder can be easily removed to re-fill. Claude also has a built in drainage system to ensure nuts and seeds stay fresher for longer.

Size: 33 x 11 x 11cm

Customer Reviews

Claude Birdfeeder

Bought this as a gift for my Daughter. Very pleased with the quality of it.

Tonk from Chelmsford 11 July 2017

Claude Birdfeeder

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Key Features

  • Claude the Cat hanging bird feeder
  • Hangs from paws or tail on many garden features
  • Easy twist and lock refill system
  • Water drainage system keeps feed fresh for longer
  • Squirrel-proof wire mesh
  • Packaged in a matching gift box

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