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Chill out with the FANtastic USB powered desk fan. We’re fans of this fan. It’s perfect for when you’re sat at your laptop and feeling the heat.

Don't get all hot and bothered when the temperature rises - stay cool, calm and collected with this mini USB fan. The flexible gooseneck support can be shaped to any angle, so you can direct the airflow exactly where you need it.

There's no need to worry about switches and plug sockets or expensive batteries - the fan starts turning as soon as it’s been plugged in leaving you with nothing else to do but catch the breeze.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and ideas don't get much more simple than this. It's a fan on a flexible arm that plugs straight into any spare USB socket. But therein lies its genius. Who needs a big, noisy, oscillating fan that blows a gale (and distributes your paperwork all around the office) when you're right in front of it - but has no discernible effect as soon as you step a couple of feet away - when what you really want is your own personal wind generator that you can position wherever you wish.

It’s pretty cool really!

Size: W12.5 x H39 x D4cm

Customer Reviews

Fan - tastic

Brilliant idea. Great to have on your desk and cools you down fast.

Squirrel from Coventry 16 March 2017

USB FANtastic Fan

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Key Features

  • Cool down at your desk
  • USB powered fan with flexible arm
  • No need for plug sockets
  • No batteries required
  • Great for when you're feeling the heat

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