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Crack the 'Toon' name the Tune! Put your finely 'tooned' musical knowledge to the test in this easy to play and addictive fun family board game.

Go head-to-head in a variety of musical based challenges - can you identify the musical artist and song from the cartoon on the card, can you hum the tune or draw your own ‘toon’? It’s a race to the finish in this action packed musical medley.

Each card features a cartoon representing a song and the performing artist. All you need to do is identify the song and the performer and complete the music-based challenge. Race around the board to the finish line to win.

Measures approximately 26.3cm(W) x 26.3cm(H) x 9cm(D)


  • Playing board
  • 2 playing pieces
  • Spinner
  • 2 pencils
  • Notepad
  • Timer
  • 360 Challenge cards in three sets

Eyetoons Board Game

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Key Features

  • Music-based fun family board game
  • Includes songs and artists from the 60's to today
  • Battle with friends and family to pass the finish line first
  • Guess tunes, draw your own 'toons and hum songs to win
  • Boxed game measures approx 26 x 26 x 9cm

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