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A hand-held sound-effects library full of Christmassy sound snippets. Christmas at the touch of a button, with 9 quality sound-bites including sleigh bells.

Sprinkle a little festive fun in everyone's ears with this all new mini sound effects machine. There are nine sounds to choose from, each one carefully recorded and digitized and stuffed inside this little gizmo.

Like a cow with a bell on its collar, this dinky device will announce your presence far and wide. Let there be no mistake, Christmas is most definitely coming!

Small children are well known to be attracted to the sounds of Christmas, so like a modern day Pied Piper of Hamelin, you will most likely be surrounded at all times by a small crowd of little people demanding presents.

Adults on the other hand may be inclined to run and hide in a vain attempt to flee your enforced seasonal gaiety. So you may need to chase them down like rats in a sewer. It's what they deserve.

Pack Size: 148 x 100 x 18mm

Mini Sound Effects - Festive

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Key Features

  • Pocket sound effects machine
  • Nine high quality sounds at the push of a button
  • Features all the sounds of Christmas
  • Spread festive cheer wherever you go
  • Freak out your kids with Santa effects on Xmas Eve

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