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Unicorns are magical, mythical creatures and surely the obvious choice when it comes to crafting a magnetic paperclip holder.

Paper clips can be a darned nuisance. Laying around untidily, getting knocked off the desk causing vacuum cleaner indigestion, offending our sense of moral order by their insolent bent wiriness.

Well rend and gnash no more, my friend, your paper clip problems are at an end! With its graceful, stately poise and undemanding selflessness, this magnetic Unicorn Paperclip Holder will lift the heavy burden of unruly paper clip chaos, bringing a magisterial order and calming neatness to your working environment.

How could you possibly consider living another day without it?

Paperclips not included.

Size: 100 x 115 x 75mm

Unicorn Paperclip Holder

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Key Features

  • Unicorn Paper Clip Holder
  • Magnetically holds many metal paperclips with ease
  • Banish paper clip untidiness
  • Wonder at its majesty and beauty
  • If you love unicorns, this is the paperclip holder for you

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