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Alcohol is the work of the devil. You know it's true. Think back to the last time you over-indulged. The morning after was not pretty, was it? Your brain hurts, your body aches, you can't remember what you did last night or how you got home. We've all been there. We're talking the mother of all hangovers.

Recovery takes time, so ideally you want to be tucked up on a comfy sofa with some rubbish daytime TV or a favourite box-set on the telly. And perhaps some hospital food - grapes, ice cream, easy peel satsumas.

You also need fluids. Rehydration. But one thing you don't want is any sudden head movements. When your brain feels like a shrunken walnut, it's best to leave it in peace to recover. What you need in these circumstances is the Hangover Cup - a great big sippy cup for adults.

Toddlers have it sussed. Why worry about the orientation of your head when having a drink? That's so grown-up and stupid. You should be able to drink at any angle, any time you want.

So when you're feeling fragile and you absolutely have to remain horizontal, grab your Hangover Cup and assume the position - flat out on the couch feeling sorry for yourself.

The scouts have a motto - "Be Prepared" - and that's what you need to do BEFORE the next hungover morning of awfulness. Here's why you need the Hangover Cup:

  • Leak-proof silicone valve
  • Two easy to hold handles
  • Huge 1 litre capacity
  • Heat proof up to 120 celsius; perfect for hot/cold drinks
  • BPA free, dishwasher safe Polypropylene material

Whether it's sweet tea, black coffee, isotonic energy drink or (whisper it quietly) hair of the dog, you can now head out to the bar safe in the knowledge you have everything you need for the morning after.

Customer Reviews

Happy Hangover

Great fun gift for the morning after!

Seanair from Sleat, Skye 07 January 2017

Fab fun gift

Well made gift value for money speedy delivery!

Det from Liverpool 08 January 2017

Hangover cup! Great stocking filler

Bought this for my boyfriend as a joke present for christmas. And he loves it - doesn't spill just like a toddlers one haha

Han from Liverpool 08 January 2017

Hangover Cup

Great funny gift. I bought it for my brother-in-law and he loved it. He even used it without having a hangover and says he'll never spill another drop of drink again!

TleB from Cornwall 25 February 2017

Hangover Cup

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Key Features

  • Adult-sized sippy cup for the morning after
  • Huge 1 litre capacity
  • Two easy-to-hold handles
  • Can hold hot or cold drinks
  • Toddler technology for big babies

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