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Drink tea and revise at the same time with the stimulating Educational Mugs!

Featuring the Periodic Table, the Planets, the Human Skeleton and Prime Numbers, these generously sized Educational Mugs make great gifts for students.

When it's time to take a break from learning, reading and revising, have a hot cuppa then continue your education by studying these large bone china mugs.

The Human Skeleton mug is either an educational learning device, or something rather more creepy and morbid. Not just a vessel for your tea or coffee, but a useful reminder of the key bones in the body.

From the tarsals in your feet, to the phalanges in your hands, the sternum in your chest and the mandible in your head, you'll learn something new everyday.

A key revision tool for pub quizzes and University Challenge contestants, and a useful gift for medical students, doctors and nurses (or strange friends).

Capacity: 500ml

Size: H90 x D90mm

Educational Mug - Skeleton

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Key Features

  • Large bone china mug
  • Indicates the key bones of the body
  • A handy revision tool for students
  • Great gift for quizzers
  • Fun and educational
  • 500ml capacity

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