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Mistakes are going to happen, even the smartest people will admit to that. So what’s the best possible way to get rid of them? Yes that’s right – Brain Erasers!

These weird little cerebral erasers are ready to say goodbye to your errors – it’s a no-brainer! Store them safely in their jar or pop one straight on the end of your pencil ready for immediate use.

Anatomically the Brain Erasers are pretty detailed too, complete with sufficient corticalization (that’s wrinkly folds to you and me) to satisfy the most demanding brain surgeon, teacher or zombie fan: perfect recipients for this ghoulish gift.

They’re great for school kids too who, as we all know, generally revel in anything ghastly and gruesome.

Brain Erasers

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Key Features

  • Brightly coloured brain erasers
  • Seven brains in each jar
  • The smart way to erase mistakes!
  • Can be used as Pencil Topper erasers
  • Brilliant gift for a zombie who writes with a pencil
  • Also suitable for non-zombie pencil users

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