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Carry this marvellous mini Hand Warmer in your pocket and you can wave goodbye to frozen fingers on chilly winter days. With its red cable-knit cover and pretty white pom poms, it’s not only fabulously festive to look at but very useful too!

When your fingers start to feel the cold, a simple click will activate the heat pack tucked inside the knitted cover. Hold it in your hand or slip it into your pocket and you’ll soon be feeling warm and snug again!

Next time you want to use the hand warmer, just reactivate the heat pack by removing it from the cover and placing it in a pan of boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Once cooled, slip the heat pack back into its cover and your hand warmer is ready to use again.

If you’re a fan of winter walks, all-weather golf or skiing, or simply spend hours standing on draughty railway platforms, then this nifty little Hand Warmer is right up your street!

Pom Pom Hand Warmer - White

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Key Features

  • Cable-knit hand warmer with white pom pom
  • Reusable heat pack inside
  • Click to activate instant heat
  • Ideal stocking filler or Secret Santa gift
  • Pack Size: 80 x 130 x 20mm

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