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Product Description

Desktop cleaning pet. Bend me into shape!

The Llama Duster is your practical pink and furry friend. Capable of removing dust from screens, desks and filing cabinets in your office, this dust buster is just as efficient in your home, easily taking care of dusty picture frames, bookshelves and coffee tables.

With four little feet to stand on when not in use, Llama Duster will keep you company at your desk, ready to leap into action at the slightest glimpse of dust particles. Simply grab your llama and fold out into one long far-reaching shape, and get dusting.

When finished, bend back into the resting pose and relax - job done!

Llama Duster

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Key Features

  • Llama Duster desktop cleaning pet
  • Simply bend into shape
  • Your pink and fluffy friend
  • The fun way to dust!

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