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Have fun finding out just how truly British you and your friends are by playing the board game of Channel 4’s hit TV show!

Would you know who said they’d meekly find another chair when they arrived at the office if they found a stranger sitting in theirs?

Or who said they’d put headphones on and pretend to be asleep if the person next to them began chatting on a long flight?

All is revealed as you sit around drinking milky tea, awkwardly discussing your inner Britishness by playing Very British Problems!

For 4-8 players

Suitable for ages 12+

Customer Reviews

Once was enough

The idea of this game was good, but sadly, it was a little confusing to work out how to play it and once we had sorted that, the next problem was you weren't judged on how British you were, but if your family could tell who had written what. As a family, our responses to most of the situations were pretty similar and so not terribly interesting, and it ended up being judged on the language used rather than the response, thus defeating the object of the game, I think.

EnglishFlower from Hereford 07 January 2017

Board Game - Very British Problems

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Key Features

  • How awkwardly British are you?
  • Based on the hit Channel 4 TV show
  • For 4-8 players
  • Suitable for ages 12+

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