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The Chameleon is an-award-winning social deduction party game.

One secret word and 16 possible options. Everyone knows the secret word except for the Chameleon – but who is the Chameleon?

Your mission is simple. Using one word each, players must prove their innocence and catch out the imposter. But be careful - choose a word that’s too obvious and you might give away the secret word. Choose a word that’s too vague and people might start to think that you’re the guilty one.

Roll the dice, find out the secret word and use your inside knowledge to expose the guilty player.

The Chameleon is a game of suspense, trickery and some serious mob mentality.

Suitable for ages 14+
For 3-8 players
Approximate game time is 15 minutes

Size: 30 x 17 x 5cm

The Chameleon

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Key Features

  • Everyone knows the secret word, except for the Chameleon
  • Who is the Chameleon?
  • The social deduction game of bluffing and secret codes
  • Triple award-winning game
  • Suitable for ages 14+
  • For 3-8 players

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