Do you believe in destiny? Or do you believe only in luck? Good fortune is a mixture of multiple things such as sheer determination, luck, destiny, persistence, hard work and consistency. The result is what we call “privilege.”

Let’s go deep into finding out about the most privileged people and countries of the world. Have you heard about OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)?

They are responsible for collecting data based on specific predetermined parameters from hundreds of nations of the world. This information is included in a study to determine the global position of the countries. Information collected is from all the OECD member countries and more countries such as Brazil, India, Bulgaria, Argentina, Singapore, South Africa, and Russia.

As of 2021, the list of the most privileged countries includes top position holders like Switzerland, Canada, Netherland, Norway, and Australia. However, there have been some remarkable improvements, and many new countries have been noted to be amongst the fastest nations to reach the list of the most privileged countries of the world. They include:

Denmark: The gap between rich and poor defines a country’s success inequality terms. How wonderful it is to know that only 0.26 income inequality exists in this country. Social mobility stands at 85.20.

New Zealand: It stands at a total score of 76.41. The working environment helps an individual grow and be happy, so the quality of the working environment should be appropriate.

Spain: When it comes to safety and health, the score is 98.27, making Spain a world leader in this space.

You may have got an idea of the main parameters on what basis we have evaluated the rankings.

These are:

● Career Opportunities

● Liberty and life satisfaction

● Health and safety

● Finances

These four are the major factors, but these factors consist of several other sub-factors. These sub-factors include social mobility, the population in tertiary education, quality of the working environment, unemployed youth, human rights index, passport strength index, gender equality, life expectancy, adults’ median wealth, for a total of 19 categories.

Calculations and scoring

You may be pondering over the thought of how these rankings are created. The calculations and estimations are done by incorporating all the relevant factors. A normalization formula is used: the most privileged nation is given a score of 100, and the least privileged are given a score of 0. Remember that no list is ever constant. The top ranking nations may change next year. It is all about how these nations are evolving based on the scenarios around them.

A cocktail party is one of the best ways to kick off an exciting event. It is a reason to dress up in your best and celebrate being together with friends and people close to your heart. On the other hand, it can be a gathering that focuses on entertaining colleagues and business associates. Additionally, cocktail parties are perfect for receptions or even open houses as they are not as complicated to organise. They typically last for 2-3 hours and do not require full meals, making them a lot less stressful. That said, it still takes a lot of planning to arrange the perfect cocktail party that your guests will not forget. You still want your attendees to remember the affair as one of the best they have ever attended.

Below are steps you should take to ensure the perfect cocktail party for your guests.

1. Pick a venue

The first thing to consider when planning a cocktail party is your venue. The success of your event depends a lot on the choice you make for the location, whether it is in a garden, your living room, a hotel function room, etc. Consider the weather, the available space, and your party’s theme, too. You may even ask for suggestions from friends who may have excellent ideas for your cocktail party’s location. After deciding on your venue and party theme, you can get creative and personalise the area with whatever decor you think is suitable. Creating the perfect ambience is essential for the success of the cocktail party. The type of background music you choose should also take your guests’ personal preferences into account. So, pick out a playlist that lends a relaxing and positive vibe to your venue for the perfect cocktail party atmosphere.

2. Send out quality, attractive invitations

This may be the age of technology where you can send everything through email. However, a classy cocktail party calls for something more fancy and tangible. If you opt to send invitations to your guests and choose attractive invitation cards, you elevate your cocktail party to something more elegant. It may take a little more planning to go this way, but paper invites are more personalised, especially handwritten ones. Of course, you can always go to your favourite stationery store and pick out your choice or go online and have them delivered to your doorstep. While you put a bit of effort into this detail, you can rest assured that your guests will appreciate the gesture.

3. Maintain simple elegance

A cheese board is a cocktail party must-have that most people would expect. Apart from this, think of 2-3 more recipes that you feel your guests will enjoy. Consider how many people are coming to your event and make it simple by picking out recipes that you can make ahead of your event. Think of those you can cook up the night before so you can relax and enjoy the party with your guests. Since you are not preparing full meals, it is much easier to come up with finger foods, cold cuts, and other delectable recipes to pair with your drinks from your stocked bar. Finally, bring out your fanciest cocktail napkins for an added elegant touch.

By making early preparations, you can iron out minor details early and be a part of the festivities of your perfect cocktail party.

Are you looking for smartphones that can serve as a conversation starter at every event you attend! If you have an affirmative answer, then you have arrived at the right destination. Today we are going to discuss three of the best smartphones of 2021 which you can get at attractive deals:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

If you are looking for the perfect blend of phenomenal power, superb camera suites, solid design, and great battery life, then you need to bring home the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. A 6.8-inch screen supporting Quad HD resolution and 120Hz refresh rate guarantees a stellar display. This gorgeous mobile phone has a curved edge-to-edge screen making the bezel seem non-existent. Its phenomenally powerful camera includes one 12MP ultra-wide lens, two 10MP telephoto shooters, and one 40MP selfie camera. A 100x zoom range can have your back while trying to take those extreme close-ups without making any sacrifice in terms of clarity. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra comes powered to the core by a 5000mAh battery which keeps the device running smoothly throughout the day whether you browse the internet or use the call and messaging function.

  • Google Pixel 5

This affordable flagship stands out with its clean Android interface and simplified camera experience. Its all-in-one metal body makes the smartphone adequately hardy for sufficing regular wear and tear. A Full HD Plus 6-inch display can keep your entertainment meter rolling whether you browse through your photo gallery or stream your favorite Netflix shows via a broadband connection. This smartphone inherits the glass-covered camera block of its predecessor consisting of a 12.2MP main shooter. However, the 2x optical telephoto lens of Google Pixel 4 gets replaced by a 16MP ultra-wide lens in this model. The photos taken with Google Pixel 5 can be edited in its software. Portrait Light is a new software trick that has been gaining accolades amongst users by brightening both subjects and faces at specific angles through a fill light. This effect can be extremely useful while highlighting parts of your subject or adding dramatic lighting. The Snapdragon 756G chipset joins hands with an 8GB RAM for breezing through tasks without any hiccups. This smartphone comes with a 4000mAh battery and Extreme Battery Saver software which turns off all battery draining functions such as Wi-Fi hot-spotting. However, there is an option of whitelisting apps that you wish to continue running.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

An iPhone never fails to turn heads and the iPhone 12 Pro Max comes in with all the bells and whistles for being an all-around superstar in the smartphone market. If you don’t mind shelling out a hefty amount, then this premium smartphone can guarantee the best blend of good looks and stellar performance. The smartphone appeals to the masses with its new squared edges which impart an industrial look to the same. Pro Max comes in different color choices like Gold, Graphite, Pacific Blue, and Silver. Thinner bezels around the phone allow the display screen to stretch to the edges of the device. This ultimately results in a 6.7-inch OLED display that translates to a clear and bright screen having excellent color reproduction. High contrast ratio leads to incredibly absorbing results while watching nature documentaries and blockbuster action movies. Ceramic Shield added to the front of this smartphone makes it four times resistant to cracks. The iPhone 12 Pro Max packs in three 12MP cameras supporting ultra-wide, standard wide, and 2.5x telephoto zoom. Larger dimensions add to the size of the sensor which can take clearer and brighter pictures by absorbing light.


Pandemic stalled the growth of the smartphone industry last year. But as things slowly go back to normal, manufacturers are coming up with unique models with no upfront cost for adding to your efficiency.

The speed and cost of sending money around the world have fallen in the past few years. This trend has happened mostly because of the recent advancement in technology and the rising competition from local and international companies. In this article, we will look at some of the fastest ways to send money internationally.

Online money transfer firms

One of the fastest growing industries in fintech is on money transfer. Indeed, in the past few years, companies like Wise and WorldRemit have moved from mere startups into large multinational companies worth billions of dollars. Other smaller firms like PaySend and OFX have also had similar growth.

This growth accelerated in 2020 during the global pandemic as more people stayed at home. To send money globally, most people used their mobile wallets that are usually easy and fast to use.

These companies use various technologies to ensure that the funds reach the customer as soon as possible. Some of these companies have partnered with financial institutions like banks and telecommunication companies to ensure that the funds arrive as fast as possible. Others have local bank accounts that they use to process the payments.

Other new companies use advanced cryptocurrency technology to process the payments. After initiating a payment transaction, the firm will convert the funds into a cryptocurrency and deliver it to the recipient. The recipient can now withdraw the funds using the app.

There are many international money transfer companies. Among the most popular ones are Wise – formerly known as TransferWise, WorldRemit, TorFx, and AirWallex, among others. To find the most affordable and fastest firm, you should use a money transfer comparison firm.

Digital currencies

Another fast way to send money around the world is to use digital currencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. These currencies are only available online and are most popular among young people. Although they are highly volatile, the process of sending the digital currencies is relatively simple.

You just need to create an online account with a leading exchange or wallet, buy a currency, and then send it to the recipient. After doing that, the customer can instantly withdraw the funds into their account.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies that you can use when sending money internationally. Some of those we recommend are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Western Union

Western Union is one of the oldest money transfer companies in the world. For almost two centuries, the company has helped people send money globally within minutes. The firm has also made agreements with most banks and mobile money companies.

While Western Union is a traditional company, it has been evolving. Today, the company has a feature known s Money in Minutes, which allows the recipient to receive money within a few minutes. They can pick the funds at a local agent or have them directly deposited in a bank or mobile wallet. Other alternatives to Western Union that offer similar services are companies like MoneyGram and RiaMoney.


When sending money abroad, you ideally want to use an option that is affordable, efficient, safe, and fast. In this article, we have looked at some of the top options that you should always consider when sending money around the world. For further reading, explains some of these elements in more detail. We have also looked at some of the benefits of using these options to send money and how you can save money by using a comparison platform.

Good skin comes from within. You can use the most expensive skincare products, but unless you nourish it with a healthy diet and lifestyle, your skin simply won’t look its best.

For glowing, fresh, hydrated skin, you need more than just a lush layer of moisturiser on top. These seven foods help set your skin up for health and a beautiful appearance.

  1. Berries

Not only are berries delicious, but they are awesome for your skin. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, black berries, it doesn’t matter. Berries are rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals. As well as that, they are high in vitamin C, which helps with collagen production and keeps your skin looking firmer and younger for longer.

Raspberries are packed full of antioxidants, including ellagic acid. This is thought to reduce the risk of some diseases. Ellagic acid also has some encouraging research around skin-specific benefits, by blocking the enzymes that destroy collagen in sun-damaged skin. They are more than just a nice topping on your pavlova.

  1. Yellow and orange foods

Another anti-aging ingredient, most yellow and orange foods are rich in vitamin C and beta carotene. They help to provide vitamin A which assists with skin growth. You can get your sunshiney colours from pineapple, papaya, oranges, lemons, kumara, and turmeric too. Some of these are also great applied topically too, a double skin-treat.

Yellow capsicum are a great example of power-packed vegetables. Full of beta-carotene, this converts into vitamin A for maximum skin growth and repair. One cup of chopped yellow capsicum gives you 156% of your daily needs to vitamin A! They also have vitamin C which creates collagen and helps to minimise skin aging.

  1. Seeds

Seeds are tiny, but they are packed full of minerals and healthy fatty acids. Pumpkin, chia, sunflower and flax seeds are all great to help keep your skin hydrated and lush. Seeds will often have zinc, which is essential for skin health and healing (and your immune system too). So if you are suffering from skin blemishes, zinc may help to resolve that.

One 28-gram serving of sunflower seeds have 49% your daily intake of vitamin V, 14% of your zinc requirements, 41% of selenium needs and 5.5 grams of protein.

  1. Beetroot, watermelon and cherries

The deep rich red colour from these fruit and veges are an indicator they are rich in nutritional goodies too. They boost circulation, have lots of antioxidants, and help your skin to heal faster and look fresh. The vitamin C and iron they provide are great building blocks for healthy skin. A juice of beetroot and watermelon will help to wave goodbye to dark circles and discolouration on your face.

  1. Plant based proteins

Think about lentils, chickpeas, tofu, tempeh and edamame. All are high in protein which are the building blocks of our bodies and organs. They are often also high in fibre, which helps digestion and aides with nutrient absorption.

Soy is a good example of a protein-packed-plant. It contains isoflavones, which may help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity. For post-menopausal women, the collagen increase helps to keep your skin strong, smooth, and full of moisture.

  1. Leafy greens

These are included in every list for skin health, and for good reason. They are an essential building block for all aspects of health, and especially skin.

  • Vitamin A helps to slow sebum production which can help with reducing acne.
  • Vitamin E helps with healing and prevents cells from free radical damage.
  • Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that repairs skin and may help to protect against sun damage. Carotenoids also help with good digestion, which in turn helps with skin health.
  • Green leafy vegetables have folate, that helps to produce new cells.
  • The presence of chlorophyll helps protect against free radical damage.
  • Collagen can be found in green leafy vege, which is essential in developing skin elasticity and avoiding wrinkles as you age.
  1. Red wine

In moderation, red wine may be good for your skin. It contains resveratrol, which is found in the skin of red grapes. This antioxidant can help to remove inflammation. While it’s best to simply eat red grapes, there’s some hope that a glass of red wine might offer some health benefits, at least.

Be warned that you need to consume in moderation, as over-consumption of alcohol dehydrates the skin and ages you quickly.

Eat well for beautiful skin

Eat your 5+ a day in a rainbow of colours to ensure your skin stays fresh, healthy and strong. Provide it with all the nutrition it needs and you’ll be rewarded with clear, youthful skin for a long time to come.