Sometimes picking a housewarming gift can be the hardest thing in the world to do. Clearly, a new home is a big deal and the possibilities are endless and you’re just about swamped by all the choices. It’ll get to a point where you want to reach for the most expensive present and be done with it. But when it comes to gifts, the most costly is not always the best.

A lot can certainly be said for small but thoughtful gifts too. People just seem to know when a gift carries so much genuine warmth and love, and these are the type of gifts they’ll receive more enthusiastically. For most people, it’s the thought that counts.

Take it from us; the simple, tasteful, thoughtful, and personal gestures are often the most memorable. And it’s hard to get more personal than personalised gifts.

So, if you’re in a bind, unsure of what to wrap as a present for that special occasion or person, check out our list of personalised gifts for the home.

Gift one of these to your housewarming friends or colleagues, and they’ll remember you forever. Get one for your significant other and watch their faces light up. You can even get one of these for yourself and get your home to reflect more of your personality.

Personalised Doormats

Doormats are the first port of call in many homes. They’re the first contact that visitors have with members of a household, and for this very reason, they cannot be ignored.

One unique thing about doormats is that they can be both functional and artistic. They can also provide covert hints about the temperament or be made to reflect the personality of the person (or people) who live on the other side of the door. That’s why they make such great presents.

Getting a personalised doormat for that friend who recently established a new practice would be a pleasant and thoughtful move. You can also brighten up the ambiance of your home considerably with customized doormats. Choose from a wide range of quirky, geeky, funny, and professional doormats to set the mood, reveal your personality, and craft the perfect ambiance for your home.

Personalised Blankets

Blankets are extremely useful, so when you give them out as gifts, you can be sure that they’re going to get used, not left to gather dust in a basement somewhere. This also means that your subtle touches are bound to get noticed.

Personalised blankets are lovely gifts for both members of your family and close friends. They relieve stress and help promote great sleep while literally keeping you in the mind of the recipient night and day. Have a friend or colleague who recently became a new mother or father? A personalised baby blanket is unlikely to be amiss.

Several personalised blankets will make great presents for you and the entire family.

Personalised Square Cushions

The perfect gift for couples. Few gifts are as effortlessly intimate and romantic as personalised square cushions. The possibilities are practically unlimited, and they offer you the chance to get creative.

You could do something sweet like cover both sides of the cushion with the photo of your significant other, or you could fill the blank spaces with the words of your favourite song, quote, or poem. You could even have both.

Away from the mushy stuff, you could also do something quirky or funny with them, like make a design of your favourite superhero, or inscribe your favourite Star Wars quote. Finally, you could just decide to get one that blends perfectly with the decor of your home. As we said, the possibilities are practically limitless.