A gallery wall is more than just a random display of art and prints in your home to fill space on that empty wall. It reflects your personality, style, the stories you want to tell and memories you wish to showcase.

It’s a carefully curated selection of your ideas. The things that inspire you and the media you have collected over the years that can completely transform any space and room in your house, making it feel like a home. They are visually captivating masterpieces that add a classy, contemporary or fun look to any wall. However, knowing where best to incorporate these gallery prints into your home can be slightly overwhelming, especially if you have multiple rooms with blank walls. Knowing what artistic pieces to buy, what frames to add and most importantly, where and how to arrange and hang them will entirely change how your gallery wall aligns with your home. Let’s look at the various locations throughout a property that best suits a gallery wall to ensure you make an informed decision when creating yours.

The Living Room

One of the most popular choices to add a gallery wall is the living room. This is because it happens to be the most used and communal room in every home. It’s the place to go when entertaining friends, spending quality time with family or just sitting back and relaxing with a book. Therefore, it’s a natural choice for a gallery wall containing artwork and photography you want to look at regularly. Here are some reasons you should consider adding your gallery wall to your living room.

Visibility: Your living room will most likely be one of your home’s most frequently used places. This makes it the ideal location to showcase your art sharing your collection with guests and the rest of your household.

Conversation Starter: A well-designed and displayed gallery wall could become a fantastic conversation starter. Your guests can admire your art collection and photography, asking questions about the stories behind each piece.

Personal Touch: Placing a gallery wall in your living room allows you to add your unique personal style to the space, making it comfortable and inviting, not only for you but for guests, too.

Flexibility: Your living room will most likely offer the most wall space out of all areas in your home; this means you have more opportunity to create larger gallery walls. With this in mind, you can mix and match types of art like paintings, photographs, and sculptures to bring your bare walls to life.

The Hallway

Hallways are often overlooked when adding home decor to a house. Although this is the case, your hallways are a wonderful spot to add a gallery wall and transform the communal spot people use regularly. Here are a few reasons you should consider adding a gallery wall to this space in your property.

Utilisation: A hallway is frequently a narrow area that lacks functional purpose other than connecting rooms. Adding a gallery wall not only allows you to utilise this space more widely but also helps you add character to an otherwise mundane area.

Memory Lane: Mostly used as a pathway to move around the house, displaying a gallery wall of family memories or significant art that reminds you of times in your life can turn this empty path into a nostalgic journey.

Motion: As you walk through the hallway, your gallery wall will unfold, creating a visually dynamic experience for those who pass through.

The Bedroom

A bedroom is your sanctuary, where you go to unwind, relax, and feel comfortable. It’s also a great place in your home for self-expression. Incorporating a gallery wall here will add a personal touch to your room and create a welcoming, calming atmosphere. Here are a few more reasons why this is a great spot to incorporate your next gallery wall.

Mood Enhancement: You can choose art for your bedroom that sets the right mood and allows you to experience the emotions you want to feel whilst in the space. Abstract art, subtle landscapes and black and white photography are often popular choices for gallery walls in this room.

Personality: You should surround yourself with pieces of art that resonate with you, especially if they are being added to your bedroom. This will enhance the comfort and relaxation you feel here. It’s your space, and your gallery wall should reflect that with your tastes and style.

Focal Point: If you happen to have a large blank wall behind your bed, adding a gallery wall to this space will create a stunning visual focal point in the space. It will draw attention and make your bedroom feel put together and well-designed.

The Home Office

You should consider incorporating a gallery wall of inspirational quotes and office-appropriate art and photography to inspire your creativity and boost your motivation throughout the working day. This will transform the space and enhance your work.

Personal Touch: Your home office should be a reflection of your professional identity, and a gallery wall in this space can showcase this. You could add your achievements, certificates, interests and aspirations to the wall to inspire you throughout the day.

Escape: If you work long hours, a gallery wall can provide you with a sense of escape. If you have spent the day looking at a laptop screen, glancing up towards your gallery wall every now and then will offer a sense of relaxation and mental refreshment.

Creativity: Surrounding yourself with art and other media that inspire you to be more productive and reach your goals should be a priority in this space. Get creative and choose things to display that resonate with your personality, work and goals. You could do this following a set theme or be daring, mixing and matching styles and colours to bring your space to life.

Choosing The Right Spot

When you begin the process of incorporating a gallery wall into your home, the key considerations you should have are:

● Creating a personal connection with art that resonates with your personality and life.
● How visible the location will be if this is something you want to look at every day? If so, opt for the room you spend the most time in.
● Ensuring the spot where you hang a gallery wall has adequate lighting is essential to enhance the impact.
● Using an array of frames and sizing to add balance will only elevate its visual appearance. Be sure to have even spaces between each piece and create an overall satisfying composition.
● Choose a theme or colour palette that you most enjoy and use this as a base to build your gallery wall; this will ensure each piece you include is cohesive.
● Remember, gallery walls do not have to be static, and you can keep a collection of artwork and prints on hand to rotate as seasons change.


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