There are all manner of reasons to send out party invitations – whether it’s a celebration party, an anniversary, a birthday, or even just a general get-together. Every party deserves to be unique, and it’s such a special occasion, why not make the most of it and ensure every aspect of the party is something to be remembered? One way to do that is by using customised envelopes to send out the invitations – it’s cheap, simple, and very effective.

Companies like have perfected the art of designing, printing, and delivering custom printed envelopes in great time, and for little expense.

Making the right choice

It first begins with writing the perfect invitation – no matter what sort of event is being planned; it helps to have a compelling and informative invitation to send. There are several things to consider when writing an invitation, so it pays to do some research.

When the invitation is written it’s time to make some choices about what the envelope carrying the invitations is going to look like. There are so many choices when it comes to customising an envelope that it depends on the nature of the party – this will give all the information necessary to ensure the envelope is both unique, yet appropriate.

Think about the colour schemes, the designs, maybe even personalised text/messages/quotes. Anything that makes the envelope unique, memorable, and appropriate to the party is worth considering. Other choices include who the party is for, if anyone particularly, and the nature of the celebrations – if, for example, the party has a coloured theme going.

Designing and ordering online

The process of designing and ordering customised envelopes online is easier than ever – there are so many choices available for colour, style, and layout that it can be done in minutes. With a handy preview tool to ensure customised designs look perfect, there’s never any doubt about whether the final product will be appropriate or not.

When the envelopes are ordered, they’ll be printed and packaged before being shipped right to the front door. It really is that simple. And, of course, as with anything else, the larger the order the better the cost savings – buying in bulk is always better value for money. This makes it a practical consideration, even for larger parties.

Designs can be kept for future use, or it can be an opportunity to let the creative spirit flow and ensure every party has something unique about it. It might seem like a subtle thing, but using the right envelope can make a big difference when it comes to setting the right tone for a party, and offering the correct presentation.

An SVG file can be utilised for additional customisation of letters to attract the right buyer persona if doing cold or warm outreach; and to elicit the right kind of response.

Making personalising easy

There’s no need to use drab, everyday envelopes anymore – it’s so easy and affordable to design customised envelopes for all manner of parties, that every invitation can be special.

Through online design, customisation, and ordering, ensure that all the recipients are wowed from the moment the invitation comes through the door without breaking the bank.


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