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The ultimate water cannon - the only one in the world that has a tripod and connects to your garden hose, giving you an endless supply of ammunition! Using mains water pressure, your enemies will have nowhere to hide!

Be assured, this is no ordinary water pistol - mounted on a folding tripod, this monster water cannon connects directly to the mains water supply and then shoots water under pressure for up to 100 feet! The higher your mains water pressure, the further you can fire. And because it's connected to the mains, you'll never run out of ammo - unless some spoil-sport turns the tap off.

Make no mistake - this could be the most versatile and powerful water gun ever invented!

What's more, you can also detach it from the tripod and hose, instantly converting it into a portable water rifle. So when you've fought off all attackers, and they're retreating in defeat, you can grab your weapon and venture forth, inflicting further humiliation on your sodden foes - at least until the large internal reservoir runs out.

When you've completed your daring commando raids deep inside enemy territory (in the next-door neighbour's garden), simply return to base, re-connect the water cannon to the garden hose and refill for more untethered mobile infantry action.

Constructed from tough, hard-wearing PVC, this mains powered water cannon is virtually indestructible (so it'll be ready for duty year in, year out) and easy to use. When you've finished annihilating your foes (and it's time to go indoors for tea) the tripod folds flat for compact storage.

With our giant mains-powered water gun, you'll never lose a water fight again!

  • Boxed size: 27 x 62 x 14cm
  • Assembled size: 110 x 14 x 62cm
  • Weight: 1.5kg

Age range: Officially 9 - 12 years (unofficially, this comes highly recommended for tired Mums and Dads, and worn-out Grandparents who want to get their own back!)

Giant Water Cannon

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Key Features

  • The ultimate water cannon!
  • Connects to your garden hose
  • Range up to 100ft depending on water pressure
  • Includes folding tripod
  • Internal reservoir allows untethered water rifle action

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